Restaurante Egaña Oriza - Sevilla

The Egaña Oriza is a collection of Spanish restaurants and bars which specialise in the creation of Spanish food from Andalusia and the Basque Country. Located in the centre of the parks in the city of Seville, the setting for this restaurant is as beautiful as the food.

The Restaurant

Egaña Oriza

There is a reason why if you search for this Spanish restaurant on the internet that it always gets excellent reviews. The combination of a great setting, excellent service and, of course, exquisite food, means that the Restaurante Egaña Oriza and the other eateries in the collection have come to be known as one of Sevilla's best restaurants.

The experience of this Spanish fine dining restaurant starts with the journey to the establishment. Whichever way you choose to get there you will always get some of the best views in the city; whether that be through the Murillo Gardens, along the famous Calle San Fernando or even after leaving the nearby Lope de Vega Theatre. This Spanish restaurant is located next to one of the walls of the Alcázar Royal Palace. In fact, this restaurant should just be added as part of one of the tours of the city in a Sevilla city guide as it is located so close to so many of the famous landmarks!

The building that houses the Restaurante Egaña Oriza is an old mansion from the first half of the 20th Century. The mansion was originally built in 1926 and is extremely elaborate - the perfect place for the upper classes in Spain to live! However, today the mansion serves as the home to some of the finest Spanish food to be found in Sevilla.

The main dining room is located in the old greenhouse of the house which has been expertly restored to its former glory. The restorers managed to keep the wrought iron pillar and arches that form the main structure of the greenhouse. These metal structures not only provide support for the roof of the restaurant, but are also extremely beautiful and add to the 1920s ambience of the place.

Although the restaurant's staff members know that this restaurant is often considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime treat for most people, they are confident that their food will keep you coming back for more. Plus, they are keen to make fine dining accessible by offering deals and seasonal menus at lower prices.

The range offered by the Egaña Oriza extends to snacks and lunches which you can enjoy in the smaller café style restaurant which is called the Pequeño Oriza. The Pequeño Oriza is a much more casual eatery that offers meals at the same level as the bigger restaurant but without the formalities.

There is also a bar and a kiosko where you can grab a drink and some traditional Spanish tapas after work or a show. Or you could even spend some time out on the restaurant's terrace which is a perfect spot for a bit of people-watching and relaxation.

As with most trendy restaurants, the Restaurante Egaña Oriza offers a number of rooms for private hire to small groups of people. However recently they have also started renting out the entirety of the restaurants or bars for larger celebrations such as weddings and family reunions.

The Menu

Egaña Oriza menu

The menu at the Restaurante Egaña Oriza is inspired by the head chef's heritage and experience. Jose Mari Egaña, originally from the Basque Country, honours his heritage by including many Basque recipes into his menu. However after moving to Andalusia, Egaña has also included many of the culinary traditions from this Spanish region. The food that is offer therefore is a fusion between these two regions culinary highlights.

The food at the Restaurante Egaña Oriza is said to be 'haute cuisine' but with a constantly evolving element that keeps the food exciting. Some of the highlights from the menu of this Spanish restaurant in Sevilla include the Tomato tartar with sea snails and garlic soup, the Salmorejo made with oysters and Jabugo ham, and the Lobster salad which is topped off with a truffle vinaigrette.

True to Spanish restaurant tradition, the Restaurante Egaña Oriza has a superb wine collection. However they take it one step further. If you reserve a table at the restaurant, you get to choose your wines in advance; selecting the origin, type, or manufacturer that you like. Jose Mari Egaña will then tailor-make a menu to suit your wine choice. Alternatively, if you are not such a big wine expert, you can simply follow the expert advice of the restaurant's maître, Francisco García.