Spanish Restaurants in Marbella

The best seafood, fine white wines and an exquisite treatment is what you will find in these Spanish restaurants in Marbella. Find out more information about five of the top Spanish restaurants in the lively city of Marbella.

The name of this city gives it away - all those who study Spanish abroad will notice that Mar-bella means beautiful sea! The city of Marbella is yet another picturesque Spanish city on the Spanish Costa del Sol in the South of Spain which composes of endless sandy beaches. Marbella is also a mixture of old and new, and it has mostly managed to escape the concrete jungle fate of some of the other cities along this stretch of the Spanish coast.

Some people say that Marbella is the Spanish equivalent of Monte Carlo as the marina which used to hold old fishing boats is now filled with fancy yachts and speedboats. The town too also contains a large number of swanky houses and some luxury Spanish restaurants. However there are still many traditional restaurants in the city that can offer the hungry tourist a taste of the best Spanish food from Andalusia and other Spanish regions. Of course, being a seaside town there are many fish restaurants to be found in Marbella but the cosmopolitan and international atmosphere of the city means that you will always find something to your tastes.


The Restaurants

If you are looking for the best Spanish restaurants in Marbella, look no further! Check our list of the finest restaurants in town and click on each name to obtain more detailed information on what they offer.

El Balcón de la Virgen is a pretty Spanish restaurant in Marbella which takes its name from the image of the Virgin Mary who looks out from their balcony. The restaurant is famous for serving some of the finest dishes from Andalusia and Europe as well as for its building which is covered in a beautiful flowering plant from South America.

La Marisquería is a Spanish restaurant in Marbella which is actually part of a larger chain of restaurants called La Pesquera which has outlets across Spain. La Marisquería is one of the best restaurants in Marbella to find fresh, affordable fish dishes and tapas.

The Restaurante Buenaventura is a Spanish restaurant in Marbella in the old quarter of the city which is famous for its combination of tradition and innovation in its broadly Mediterranean cuisine. The menu constantly changes as the kitchen team comes up with new dishes or discover a new ingredient they want to try.

The Restaurante Calima is a Spanish restaurant in Marbella which is the showground for the creative cuisine of the famous Spanish chef, Dani García. His food is extremely personal as he draws on personal experience and memories as influences for the flavours and presentation of his food. Unsurprisingly, this restaurant has therefore been awarded many prizes.

The Restaurante Santiago is one of the signature Spanish restaurants in Marbella, commanding a high status among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has perfected its Mediterranean fish dishes over the fifty years or so that the restaurant has been open and has become a right of passage for any local or tourist in the city.