Enrique Becerra Restaurante - Sevilla

Enrique Becerra Restaurante is, unsurprisingly, a restaurant owned and run by the Spanish chef, Enrique Becerra. This small, traditional Spanish tapas bar and restaurant can be found in the historic part of Sevilla and is popular in the city for its famous bar.

The Restaurant

Enrique Becerra - Sevilla

Enrique Becerra's restaurant in Sevilla is located only a couple of streets away from the Cathedral of Sevilla and the Giralada tower, meaning that it is right in the heart of the historic centre of the city.

The history of the area in which the restaurant is located is reflected in the restaurant's building as well. Originally the building that now houses the Enrique Becerra Restaurante used to be two separate houses which were built back in the 17th Century. As such the building's exterior contains some 17th Century architectural elements such as the marble columns, some of which actually came from the local Roman city called Italica which existed from around 200 BC. The two houses were converted and restored into one unified building at the beginning of the 20th Century and was later converted into the restaurant that it is today.

The restaurant contains several rooms which are used for different types of groups. The ground floor is used as the main dining room and is painted in a warm, traditional yellow colour. The ornate wooden windows with their stained glass panels bring in the light in shafts - adding to the traditional Sevilla styled atmosphere of the restaurant. The claim to fame of the restaurant can also be found in this room. According the restaurant's staff, the famous Spanish novelist and journalist, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, left an anagram of the name of the main character from his novels, Captain Alatriste, on one of the walls.

Up the narrow, old staircase is the first floor where there is another smaller dining room which has around eleven tables. This room, which is painted in a deep, rich red colour, serves as a private dining room for large parties.

Above this, on the second floor, you can find the three smaller private dining rooms which are also decorated in a traditional Spanish style. Two of these rooms are designed for small groups of around four people while the other is for slightly larger parties of around ten people.

The bar, for which the Enrique Becerra Restaurante is so famous for, is always crowded. The bar is particularly proud of its clientele which come from all walks of Spanish life including people from the upper classes in Spain such as politicians, businessmen and women, artists and writers. However the friendly staff always welcome a fresh face.

The Menu

Veal Tenderloin steak

The Spanish food on offer at the Enrique Becerra Restaurante is completely based on Southern Spanish and Andalusian recipes, although some have had a little modification from Enrique Becerra himself. As such, this Spanish restaurant makes a point of using the best ingredients from the local area to ensure that the food is as authentic as possible.

Some of the specialities recommended by the restaurant include Traditional style stuffed squid, Swordfish in sherry sauce and Veal Tenderloin steak in an Iberian pâté sauce. Alongside the delicious menu, the restaurant also provides a menu dedicated to the wide variety of bread that they have to offer. Some of their speciality breads include soy bread and bread filled with fruit. This is one of the only Spanish restaurants to offer this kind of menu in Spain, let alone in Sevilla.

Whether you are at the bar or in the restaurant, you can always try some of the excellent Spanish tapas that the Enrique Becerra Restaurante has to offer. Marinated clams, Meatballs and Stewed Squid are just some of the tasty tapas that you can try when you visit Sevilla.

Like all good Spanish restaurants in Spain, the Enrique Becerra Restaurante has a great selection of wine in its cellars. It is estimated that there are around 11,000 bottles of wine beneath the restaurant, with a variety of vintages and coming from many different countries. The restaurant is particularly proud of its collection of wine from Jerez.