Spanish Restaurants in Cádiz

When you're trying to find the best Spanish restaurants in Cádiz, this guide will sure be of help, since it reviews five of the top Spanish restaurants in the city of Cádiz and the surrounding areas, all carefully selected by our experts.

Cádiz is a Spanish coastal city which is famous for its high walls, fortresses and the port. The city is full of interesting architecture and each zone of the city is different. The old quarter of Cádiz is particularly beautiful with its large, Baroque style cathedral and its web of small streets which are typical of the South of Spain.

The city has also come to be one of the favourite places for typical Spanish food and the majority of the restaurants can be found along the coastline, ensuring that they offer the best views to their customers. Being a coastal town, most of the restaurants in Cádiz offer a good range of fish and seafood which is always freshly caught and transferred from the local wharf. The sea also has an influence in the designs of restaurants in the city, as nautical and maritime themed restaurants are common place. You may visit Cádiz as a tourist, but if you spend enough time in the restaurants there you could end up becoming a Spanish fisherman!


The Restaurants

Learn more about the best Spanish restaurants in Cádiz: read the brief descriptions on the list below and check the individual pages for more details on each restaurant.

The Arana Restaurante is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which provides traditional recipes from Cádiz and the South of Spain. The dishes are always presented playfully in a contemporary style which matches the interior design if the modern and chic restaurant. They also offer a covered terrace so that you can take in the sights without being battered by the sea breeze.

The Balandro Restaurante is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which specialises in traditional Spanish dishes from Southern Spain. In particular, like many of the restaurants in the coastal town of Cádiz, the Balandro restaurant is particularly good at cooking authentic fish and seafood dishes.

El Faro is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which is named after the Spanish city's famous lighthouse. The restaurant serves traditional Spanish food from Cádiz and in particularly fish and seafood dishes. The restaurant relies upon its long history to ensure that these dishes are the best around.

The Restaurante Arteserrano is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which is particularly famous for its jazzy, typically Spanish interior. The idea behind the restaurant was to showcase the art of food and to make that art something that everyone could enjoy by maintaining affordable prices. They also have an excellent range of Spanish tapas for you to enjoy at the large bar in the centre of the restaurant.

El Escenario de Cádiz is a Spanish restaurant in Cádiz which pays attention to every aspect of the cooking process. They practise 'slow-cooking' and make sure that their restaurant is free from anything that could distract their customers from the food and the experience, right down to ensuring that the customer cannot hear the clink of glasses or the clatter of the kitchen.