Spanish Restaurants in Valencia

Apart from paella, the most typical and renowned dish from Valencia there is a world of alternatives apart from it. We have carefully selected these five Spanish restaurants in Valencia for your eating pleasure.

Valencia is the worthy capital of the Spanish region of Valencia. The city of Valencia combines history and culture to be one of the most interesting cities on the Spanish peninsular. The city has always been a popular place thanks to its excellent geographical position on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea on the East coast of Spain and situated within the fertile plains called La Huerta. The economical and agricultural benefits of the city meant that Valencia was the chosen settlement for many civilisations over the centuries.

Despite these humble backgrounds, Valencia has now transformed itself into a hub of the rich and famous with ample shopping opportunities, fancy Spanish restaurants and a great nightlife. The addition of the Valencia circuit into the Formula 1 racing season has helped improve its image even further, especially as its street race is meant to emulate the one in Monaco.

All of these factors mean that the city has a great range of food and a great range of restaurants at your disposal when you visit Spain. The city is proud of its high status as a gastronomic city in Spain and many of the restaurants like to be creative with the produce they use. Thanks to its position next to the sea and the fertile countryside, Valencia provides its restaurants with ample fresh produce to work with. Valencia even claims to be the home of paella, the famous Spanish rice dish.


The Restaurants

Just read on to discover the best Spanish restaurants in Valencia. Should you be interested in learning more about any of them, just click on its name to have more in-depth information about it.

The Joaquín Schmidt restaurant is run by the chef Joaquín Schmidt, a man who brings his own personal flair to the subject of gastronomy and one of this Spanish restaurant's best assets. At this restaurant, Joaquín produces high quality Mediterranean and Spanish food but the menus often change to incorporate influences from his travels around the world or just to agree with his personal mood.

La Lola is a Spanish restaurant in Valencia which is decorated in a funky and modern style that emulates the colours and the passion found in Flamenco. This contrasts with the restaurant's location in the old quarter of the city, making La Lola a truly unique establishment. The restaurant specialises in producing traditional Spanish food fused with modern Spanish cuisine.

The Restaurante Casa Salvador is a Spanish restaurant in Valencia which combines all aspects of the traditional Valencian restaurant experience. The food is based on traditional recipes from the region of Valencia and the views from the restaurant are like something out of a Valencia city guide book. The restaurant is also housed in a typical old farmhouse called a 'Barraca' which are common in this region.

The Restaurante Matisse is a Spanish restaurant in Valencia that caters for all tastes and wallets. If you want to sample some of their best and newest dishes then you should try their weekend menu which is used as a testing ground. Or if you don't want to be a guinea pig, you could always stick to their excellent range of Spanish tapas.

RiFF is a Spanish restaurant in Valencia which is truly continental. The restaurant is run by the German chef, Bernd Knöller, who specialises in producing some of the best Spanish and Mediterranean food in the city of Valencia. It is also an extremely famous restaurant in Valencia having been awarded a Michelin star amongst other prizes.