Spanish Restaurants in Pamplona

The north of Spain is well known for its excellent culinary offer, with a wide range of fresh vegetables and the finest meats. Just read on for more information about five of the top Spanish restaurants in Pamplona, the city where 'the sun also rises'.

Pamplona is a historical city which used to be the capital of the Basque Country but is now the capital of the Spanish region of Navarre. The history of the city can be seen in its old buildings and its time-tested traditions. Pamplona is particularly famous for the festivals called Sanfermines which celebrate one of the city's patron saints, San Fermín. These are the famous celebrations which include the Running of the Bulls, when a group of bulls chase after people dressed in red and white down the ancient streets of Pamplona. These celebrations were immortalised in the writings of the American writer, Ernest Hemingway, who spent many years in Pamplona and also visited a number of the restaurants in Pamplona. You never know, you could be following in his footsteps when you visit Pamplona.

Despite not being officially a part of the Basque country, you will find a lot of Basque dishes at Spanish restaurants. You will also notice that some of the names of the restaurants in Pamplona appear less Spanish as they are most likely to come from the Basque language. Tapas or Pintxos are particularly popular in the North of Spain and so most restaurants and cafés in Pamplona will serve a good selection. As with all major Spanish cities though, you can be assured that there is some Spanish food to suit everybody!


The Restaurants

Discover the history of the city through its restaurants and cafés: here's a list of the best Spanish restaurants in Pamplona. To know more about these establishments, click on each link and visit their individual pages.

The Café Iruña is a Spanish restaurant in Pamplona which is said to be one of Ernest Hemingway's haunts back in his time. Today this Spanish restaurant specialises in serving traditional Spanish food at a reasonable price for tourists and locals alike. As it is more like a café than a fully fledged restaurant, the Café Iruña is a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat.

La Nuez is a Spanish restaurant in Pamplona whose aim is to emanate the 19th Century no-frills, cooking of a famous French cook named Georges-Auguste Escoffier. However, in order to bring this food up to date they have given many of the dishes a modern twist.

The Restaurante Baserri is a Spanish restaurant in Pamplona which has developed over the last century from being a café into becoming a large restaurant. Here they produce a great range of Spanish tapas as well as experimenting with traditional recipes and creative presentation.

The Restaurante Josetxo is a family run Spanish restaurant in Pamplona which specialises in traditional Spanish dishes. The family has passed down the secrets to fine dining and great food which they have perfected over many decades, meaning that all the Spanish food you served here is traditional and authentic.

The Restaurante San Fermín, named after the famous patron saint of the city of Pamplona, is another family run Spanish restaurant in Pamplona which mainly serves traditional Spanish dishes from the region of Navarre. They also like to include some dishes based on recipes from Pamplona, but always ensure that their food remains at a reasonable price.