Useful Spanish Phrases

Going to a Spanish restaurant in Spain can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially if you don't study Spanish abroad. You can't understand the menu, you're not sure what you ordered or what it will taste like or whether the waiter even understood you. Well don't worry, everyone has to start somewhere and below we have provided you some of the best Spanish phrases that you will need when you visit a restaurant in Spain.

This guide to Spanish phrases for Spanish restaurants is designed to help you get by, but it is no substitute for studying Spanish in a Spanish language school where you will not only improve your vocabulary, but also your grammar and pronunciation.

These are just some basic phrases to help you get by when you go to a Spanish restaurant when you visit Spain. However, if you want to have a proper conversation with the owners or the other guests, or appear really knowledgeable about your Spanish food, it is probably a good idea to consider studying Spanish in Spain. That way you can improve your language and pick up the culture at the same time. After a while you will be taking your new Spanish friends out to restaurants and ordering for them!

At some Spanish schools in Spain, they offer combined courses in the Spanish language and Spanish cooking which is great if you want to impress your friends and family at home with a new skill. This is a great way to learn the names of the ingredients, the dishes, the cooking utensils and appliances. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to meet new friends with whom you can practise your Spanish. These kind of active Spanish courses are really good for improving your Spanish as you always learn better when you are interested in the subject. However, if food is not your thing, you could always take up Spanish with Flamenco dancing or even Spanish with Spanish art history. The possibilities are endless!

First Arrival
'Una mesa para uno/dos/tres..., por favor.' A table for one/two/three.., please
'¿Tiene un menu inglés?' Do you have an English menu?
'¿Qué quieres?' What do you want?
'Qué recomienda?' What would you recommend?
'¿Para beber?' To drink?
'Quiero...'I want...
'Una entrada' A starter
'Segundo'Main meal
'Carne de cerdo' Pork
'Tortilla de patatas' Spanish potato omelette
'Calamares'Squid rings
Vino tinto'Red wine
'Vino blanco'White wine
'Vino rosado' Rosé wine
'Vino de postre'Dessert wine
'Vino español'Spanish wine
'Vino francés'French wine
'Cava' Cava (Spanish equivalent of champagne)
Other Useful Words and Phrases
'Soy vegetariano/a'I am vegetarian (male/female)
'Cuchillo carnicero' Steak Knife
'¿Dónde están los servicios?'Where are the bathrooms?
'Por favor' Please
'Gracias'Thank you
'La cuenta'The bill
'Buen Provecho'Bon Appétit / Enjoy your meal
'Perdón'Excuse me
Frequently Asked Questions
'¿Te gusta España?'Do you like Spain?
'Sí, me gusta (mucho).'Yes, I like it (a lot).
'No, no me gusta.'No, I don't like it.
'¿Qué haces en España? What are you doing in Spain?
'Soy turista.' I am a tourist.
'Estoy estudiando español en España.'I am studying Spanish in Spain.