Restaurante Dos Cielos - Barcelona

The Restaurante Dos Cielos is a Spanish restaurant in Barcelona which focuses its attention on the experience of food, creating their own 'sensographic' charts of all their dishes to help you understand and remember what you experienced.

The Restaurant

Sometimes it is hard to describe what you have eaten accurately as there are so many flavours, smells, textures and emotions, some of which just can't be put into words. The Restaurante Dos Cielos recognised this problem and so they have endeavoured to help their customers by inventing 'sensography'.

Dos Cielos

For all of their dishes, the restaurant has produced 'sensographs' which are visual representations of the experience that the dishes create. In order to create these charts, the restaurant relies heavily on the immediate input of its customers once they have finished their meal, as well as sensors in the dining rooms which pick up the ambiance. This data is then analysed to produce the 'sensographs' which look like swirly paintings. The Restaurante Dos Cielos then uses these charts to make a copy of their menu, but only in graphs which can be found on their website.

The Restaurante Dos Cielos can be found on the 24th floor of the 30 storey Pere IV tower building in Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia. This tower is the perfect place for this restaurant as it gives excellent views of the city and out to sea, especially as the tower is made mostly out of glass and steel, resembling the Beetham Tower which contains the Hilton hotel in Manchester, in the UK. The restaurant's high up location is also one of the reasons that the restaurant is called 'dos cielos', which those of you who study Spanish abroad know, means 'two skies'.

The restaurant is also in the process of creating its own mini organic field in the restaurant which will be climate controlled and will be used to produce fresh produce for the restaurant. This will be the first eco-system of its kind to be built in a skyscraper.

The restaurant is decorated in a modern and minimalist style which reflects both the building that contains the restaurant and the food which is served there. The main dining room is decorated in white, including the furniture, which is only broken by the occasional flash of colour such as the red carpet, a single flower on the table, or an abstract painting on the wall.

Dos Cielos is run by two brothers: Sergio and Javier Torres. The Torres brothers have been working in a variety of different restaurants across Spain and Europe, sometimes together but mostly individually, and have become two of Spain's greatest chefs. Together with their expert team, the Torres brothers pride themselves on producing exciting and creative food for their clients.

The Menu

Dos Cielos menu

The Restaurante Dos Cielos in Barcelona is the place to go if you want to experience Spanish gastronomy at its finest. The menu at this Spanish restaurant is under constant evolution, transforming in order to incorporate a new dish or a new ingredient or technique that the kitchen team wants to try out.

The main menu at the Restaurante Dos Cielos includes such delights as 'cochinillo' (roast piglet), 'espalda de cabrito lechal' (Suckling goat kid shoulder), and 'bogavante frío del Mediterranéo al natural' (natural cold Mediterranean lobster). All of the dishes served at this restaurant in Barcelona are presented beautifully, making use of diverse shapes and colours.

The restaurant also has a 'cocktail' menu which resembles a Spanish tapas menu as it consists of smaller taster dishes such as the traditional 'patatas bravas' (cubes of fried potato with a spicy sauce) and 'pulpo a la gallega' (Galician style octopus). They also offer a number of set menus as well as catering for business events.