Mayura Lounge - Barcelona

If you are tired of eating Spanish food in Spain, then why not visit the Mayura Lounge, a Spanish restaurant in Barcelona that specialises in Indian cuisine. This restaurant can be found in the centre of the city of Barcelona, near to the Jaume Perich gardens.

The Restaurant

Mayura Lounge

The restaurant's founder, Mayura, who gives the restaurant her name always wanted to set up her own restaurant business having worked in the hospitality business in India for many years, starting out by working with her family's restaurant in Bangalore. Before this however, Mayura had been a model, actually starting her beauty career at the young age of fourteen. She won the title of Miss Bangalore before being named Miss India, becoming the youngest ever winner of this title.

Mayura then went to study in the USA before returning to India to work in hotels and restaurants. During this time she met Rajnish who would become her husband shortly after. The couple travelled the world together, eating and experiencing the cuisines of different restaurants across the world.

Eventually the couple settled in Ibiza which is where Mayura opened her first restaurant which became an instant success. Flushed with their success, Mayura and Rajnish decided to expand their horizons and came to open the Mayura Lounge in April of 2006.

In order to create her vision of a truly authentic Indian restaurant in Barcelona, Mayura decided to import materials from the heart of her homeland. The Mayura restaurant therefore contains a lot of Indian wood, bamboo and stone which are combined with an Indian style. The use of water fountains and soft furnishings make the restaurant an ideal place to relax and unwind after a hard days sightseeing.

The bar at the Mayura is also a paradise of Indian luxury, starting with the antique Indian door that leads you there. The bar itself is made of stone and wood and has a split down the middle through which a small stream flows before trickling off at the end of the bar into a small pool.

The Mayura also has some hidden private lounges which are often hired out for small parties, business meetings or VIP guests. Mayura has also decided to make her restaurant the first port of call for Indian tourists and businessmen and women who have come to visit Barcelona, a market which is recognised as expanding in Spain.

In essence, the Mayura is a mixture of colonial and contemporary styles. The atmosphere at the restaurant is further enhanced by the staff. Mayura and Rajnish make excellent hosts at their Spanish restaurant and are always happy to welcome new customers into their establishment.

The Menu

The menu at the Mayura Lounge in Barcelona is based on a fusion of different types of Indian and Hindu food. However the chefs at the Mayura also produce a more Mediterranean menu for those who aren't so keen on Indian food. All of the produce used to produce their dishes is fresh and healthy.

The Menu

On the main menu, you can find all of the Indian food favourites such as Chicken Biriyani, Lamb Tikka and Kalmi Kebabs. The Mayura also offers a number of vegetarian dishes including Aloo Saag, Vegetable Korma and Channa Massala.

This Spanish restaurant also offers a number of set menus including the VIP menu which is usually given to those who hire one of the private lounges. They have also created their own Indian - Spanish tapas menu which is especially enjoyable at the beautiful bar. Some of the tapas include some Indian dishes like samosas and pakoras as well as some Spanish dishes like spinach filled croquettes and goat's cheese salad.