La Lola - Valencia

La Lola restaurant is located in the old quarter in Valencia yet is a modern and trendy establishment aimed at the young, urban population of the city. Alongside its fantastic fusion of traditional and contemporary Spanish food, one can find great Spanish music and great Spanish beers.

The Restaurant

La Lola prides itself on offering a special, unique and innovative experience to its clientele, allowing people to both see and taste gastronomy at its finest. Strangely, this modern restaurant is located in the old quarter of the city of Valencia, located near to the Cathedral of Valencia; its juxtaposition against the more traditional setting making it a landmark in itself.

La Lola

However, La Lola is a lot more than just a Spanish restaurant. The restaurant serves as an exclusive style club or bar that enriches the eyes, ears and stomachs of its customers. DJs are hired to provide music for the restaurant and bar-goers. La Lola also offers a large range of speciality beers which are the perfect starting place for a night out when you visit Valencia.

The most exciting part of La Lola restaurant in Valencia is the fact that every night the dinners have a theme and live music. The most popular of these is the weekend theme which is held on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Flamenco. A live Flamenco band plays and dances the night away, surrounding you with Spanish culture while you eat and drink. Other nights you can see DJs or jazz bands.

The restaurant is decorated in a funky and modern style with the use of bold shapes and bright colours and was designed by Paco Martinez. The majority of the decor consists in black, red and white sections, patterned with circles. The whole overtone is a mix of modern art and Flamenco. There is also a terrace outside which highlights the difference between the modern and contemporary interior with the traditional and classical exterior.

The restaurant pays a great deal of attention to its clients both in and out of the restaurant. The food is beautifully presented and there is a menu or a dish for everybody. The staff members also speak a variety of languages aside from Castilian Spanish, including English and Polish - but it is definitely somewhere to go to practise or learn Spanish whilst enjoying some fine Spanish dining too!

The Menu

Menu La Lola

The menu at La Lola is based on traditional Spanish food and dishes, but they have been given a modern twist, bringing them up to date with the modern world. However with attention to detail and the use of some of the finest ingredients, La Lola has ensured that the quality of these dishes remains outstanding. The care exhibited by the chefs in the presentation of the dishes show the passion that they have for this type of Spanish cooking. Thanks to La Lola, Valencia has become and continues to be a centre of culinary development in Spain, particularly in the area of the recently developed culinary discipline of Spanish 'Nouveau Cuisine'.

The La Lola restaurant offers a variety of menus to meet all budgets, from a daily menu up to and including the Special Menu, whose price is only available on request. Some of the highlights of the restaurant's menus include the Cava lemon sorbet, spinach and goat's cheese salad with a mature mustard and orange vinaigerette, and turbot and aubergine on sepia tagliatelli.

Furthermore, the restaurant also offers a variety of tapas for those who like to pick and chose what dishes they want to sample from the extensive range on offer. Why not try out six of the restaurants dishes with the Tasting Menu when you visit Spain!.