Restaurant Coeur de Filet - Tenerife

The Restaurant Coeur de Filet has come to be one of the best fine dining restaurants on the island of Tenerife, which forms a part of Spain. Their European influenced cuisine coupled with their style makes it a must-see if you are visiting this Spanish island.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant Coeur de Filet was opened in March of 2003 by two chefs, Michael and Giovanni Bolognesi, who had been working in both Tenerife and Sweden for many years. This restaurant is the latest project to be carried out by this pair of restaurateurs and has been very successful so far.

Coeur de Filet

Located near to the famous Playa de Fañabé (Fañabé Beach) on the South coast of the island of Tenerife, the restaurant is in the perfect place to enjoy some great Spanish food with a great Spanish view. The interior of the restaurant is stylishly decorated but is at the same time cosy and welcoming.

The atmosphere at the Restaurant Coeur de Filet is also enhanced by the friendly staff. The waiting staff provide excellent service and the kitchen staff create some of the finest food on the island. This is definitely among the places you should note in your Tenerife guide.

The Menu

The Restaurant Coeur de Filet produces various dishes which contain elements of Spanish, French and Italian cooking and is always cooked to the high standard that the head chefs and founders demand.

The menu is extremely detailed providing mouth-watering descriptions of every item available. The current head chef, Juan Llamas de los Santos, has had over twenty years experience in the restaurant industry and knows his Mediterranean food. He constantly updates and changes the menus, adding new dishes and expanding the kitchen team's repertoire. The menu is extremely extensive which means it is almost impossible to experience everything this restaurant has to offer in just one visit.

The ingredients used in this Spanish restaurant's dishes tend to be sourced from the local market, a bit of a challenge when you live and work on an island. Therefore, some produce is flown in especially from the Spanish mainland. Nonetheless, the restaurant always insures that the produce they use is of the highest quality. Menus are also modified in order to follow the seasons so you can always be assured that the products you are eating are fresh and right for the time of year.

Coeur de Filet Menu

The clue to the speciality dish of this restaurant in Tenerife is literally in the name; 'Coeur de Filet' is French for 'Heart of Fillet'. The restaurant produces many fantastic fillet beef dishes such as the 'Coeur de Filet del Bosque' (Heart of Fillet Steak with Morel Mushroom Sauce and sautéed Chantarelles) and the 'Coeur de Filet Bordelesa' (Heart of Fillet Steak with Puff Pastry, Bordeaux Sauce and Foie Gras and Truffles Butter).

Other highlights of the restaurant's menu include the Tuna Fillet in a Red Canarian Mojo Sauce and the Maigrette of Duck with Apple which is accompanied by a Port Wine Sauce with Honey and Jamaican Pepper.

The Restaurant Coeur de Filet may have a French name and a multinational menu, but it still adheres to one of the most important points of being a Spanish restaurant - the wine selection. In fact, the Restaurant Coeur de Filet has its own wine cellar which is air conditioned in order to keep wine for longer as well as the wine kept in the restaurant above ground. The restaurant prides itself on being able to not only serve the correct wine for the right dish, but to serve that wine at the optimum temperature too.

The wines in the cellar are lovingly chosen by one of the owners, Michael Giovanni, who makes many journeys across Spain to taste Spanish wine in different vineyards in order to source the best quality products. Michael enjoys adding new and exciting wines to the list at the Restaurant Coeur de Filet.