Restaurante Santiago - Marbella

The Restaurante Santiago is a Spanish restaurant in Marbella that has been around for over half a century. The restaurant is run by the famous Spanish hotelier, Santiago Domínguez who brings his own flair and style to the restaurant making a must-visit in the city of Marbella.

The Restaurant

Restaurante Santiago

The Restaurante Santiago is located right next to the coast in Marbella, next to a beautiful square which is filled with statues and sculptures by a variety of artists including the famous Spanish surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí.

This Spanish restaurant opened its doors for business over half a century ago and is still very popular among locals and tourists alike. In fact, there is saying that 'If you visit Marbella and don't go to the Santiago, then you haven't been to Marbella'.

Today, the restaurant is under the direction of Santiago Domínguez who is one of the most influential and celebrated hoteliers in Spain. Santiago Domínguez had no idea that when he opened the Restaurante Santiago in 1958 that it would come to be so popular so quickly. Nor did he realise that his name would become one of the biggest in the gastronomic sector in Spain.

Santiago Domínguez came from a modest family and originally began working in the hospitality industry in Madrid. He then worked at many different restaurants in Spain and even travelled to London, England to work in the famous Savoy Hotel. After this, Domínguez returned to Spain in order to further study his profession as well as languages. He moved to Marbella in 1957, starting off with just a small refreshment stand on the beach. He eventually earned enough money to afford the first premises for the restaurant on Antonio Belón Street before moving to the actual location on Maritime Walk in 1973.

Since then, Santiago Domínguez has developed his profession and constantly uses his vast experience as well as numerous trips abroad to improve the Restaurante Santiago. Due to his success, Domínguez has received many rewards for its efforts and his contribution to Marbella such as the International Trophy for Tradition and Prestige, Trophy for the Best Restaurant Landlord in Marbella and the International Gold Star of Gastronomy, among many others.

The Restaurante Santiago is decorated in a very sophisticated and classic style. The main dining halls have excellent views to the sea thanks to the large windows which also bring in a substantial amount of light to the room. The ceiling of the dining rooms are covered in an ivy-like plant which links the interior of the restaurant with the nearby square outside. In one section of the restaurant, you can find the 'Museum of Wine' which is a large display case filled with antique bottles of wine, some of which date back to the 1800s.

Other additions to the Restaurante Santiago include the bar which has a range of over 500 different types of Spanish tapas. As if that were not enough, the Restaurante Santiago also has its own Oyster bar where you can try one of the best Spanish seafood delicacies.

The Menu

Specialises in seafood

The Restaurante Santiago specialises in fish and seafood dishes which are cooked in a Spanish and Mediterranean style. It is unsurprising therefore that the main menu consists mostly in fish dishes. Some of the highlights of the menu at this Spanish restaurant include the 'Merluza a la sidra con perlas de tapioca' (hake cooked in cider with tapioca pearls) and 'Rape mechado de verduras glassé sobre Romesco de Pipas' (monkfish stuffed with glazed vegetables on a bed on sunflower seed in a Romesco dressing).

The main menu is provided in a variety of foreign languages including English, French, German, Russian and Japanese which means that even if you don't study Spanish, you can still order a tasty meal.

The tapas menu at the bar is extremely extensive and includes a variety of traditional Spanish tapas as well as some of the restaurant's own creations. The oyster bar also offers a variety of seafoods for you to try along with the appropriate beverages, whether that be wine, champagne or cava.