Cómo Me Lo Como - Madrid

Cómo Me Lo Como is a perfect example of a Spanish restaurant in Madrid that has made great use of the space available. They specialise in serving fine cuisine for a price that is reasonable and often have great deals on offer with their set menus.

The Restaurant

Cómo me lo comoCómo Me Lo Como is tucked away in a small picturesque cobbled street in the middle of the city of Madrid. You wouldn't know it, but the restaurant is only a few streets away from the famous Gran Vía and all of its theatres making Cómo Me Lo Como the perfect place to go after seeing a show. Furthermore, anyone who has rented a car while visiting Madrid will be glad to know that there is a car park exactly opposite the restaurant.

The location of this Spanish restaurant means that during the week it tends to be quite quiet - the ideal place to relax after a long day's sight seeing. However on the weekends, the restaurant comes to life and is a place full of good food, great drinks and a fantastic atmosphere.

The first thing that hits you when you arrive at Cómo Me Lo Como is the smell of scented candles which drifts throughout the restaurant as well as out into the street. The small establishment has been designed to maximise the space and can still hold a comfortable number of people. At the front of the restaurant is the bar and a selection of tables for larger groups. Then towards the narrower rear section of the restaurant there are the tables designed for couples. The whole restaurant is decorated in a warm and welcoming fashion, with the use of lots of greens, reds and browns.

One of the best features of Cómo Me Lo Como can be found in the back section of the restaurant on the ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with large panels of glass which has been painted in swirls of colours and then lit with lights behind the panels. Coupled with the soft down lighters, these glass panels provide a romantic glow which is perfect for the atmosphere at the restaurant.

The staff members are extremely friendly and always on hand to help. The menu is offered in both Spanish and English and the staff also speak very good English so don't worry if you don't study Spanish as you will still be able to order in this Spanish restaurant.

The Menu

WineDespite being a small restaurant, Cómo Me Lo Como has a good range of wines which have been tailored to the dishes on their menu. They have a collection of Spanish wine from the traditional wine regions of Spain such as Rioja as well as some bottles from the up and coming wine regions such as Madrid and La Mancha. The best part of ordering wine from this restaurant is the glass in which it is served which is a work of art in itself.

Unlike many restaurants in Spain and across the world, Cómo Me Lo Como does not really belong to any particular style of cooking or a particular cuisine. They simply cook what they like to cook, which means that the menu can often been varied. Broadly speaking the cuisine is Mediterranean with some hints of Latin American cooking as well as touches of Asian cooking, often fused together. However, the restaurant is confident that whatever you order, you will enjoy it!

All of the dishes at Cómo Me Lo Como in Madrid are beautifully presented and resemble dishes that you would get if you were at a much more exclusive restaurant. However the only difference is that the portions at this restaurant are real portions, as they combine contemporary presentation with good sized meals! This also makes Cómo Me Lo Como good value for money.

Some of the highlights from their menu include 'Milhojas de Bacalao' which is cod served with mille-feuille style pastry served with a tangy citrus sauce, 'Pollo Indio' which is Tandoori style chicken served with basmati rice and cashew nuts, and 'Solomillo de Novillo Argentino' which is a Sirloin steak of a young Argentinean bull with vegetables.