Restaurante La Mimbre - Granada

The Restaurante La Mimbre is a Spanish restaurant in Granada which is extremely close to the famous La Alhambra palace. The food at the Restaurante La Mimbre is mainly based on traditional Spanish recipes, many of which come from the region of Granada itself.

The Restaurant

The Restaurante La Mimbre is a historic restaurant which can be found in the forest section just South of La Alhambra. Whichever way you take to get to this restaurant, you are guaranteed to get a fantastic view of this great landmark as well as the beautiful mountainous landscape in which it sits.

La Mimbre

La Mimbre has been around for over a century although its beginnings were much more humble than you would think. In 1890, La Mimbre was opened as a small kiosk made out of wood which sold refreshments to locals and tourists who were enjoying a walk in the picturesque area surrounding La Alhambra. This kiosk in itself became famous and was immortalised in an Impressionist painting by Juan Fernandez Barba. You won't find the history of the kiosk in your Granada city guide as this painting is one of the only records of the existence of this kiosk.

Over the decades, the small refreshment stand has grown into a fully fledged restaurant. The real changes to the location began in 1978 and did not take long for the restaurant to become one of the most recognised restaurants in Granada. During its lifetime, the Restaurante La Mimbre has been visited by various members of the upper classes in Spain including sports personalities, writers, artists and politicians. One of the regular visitors to the Restaurante La Mimbre is the Spanish rock and roll singer, actor and composer from Granada, Miguel Rios.

Today the restaurant is run by Felix and Candida who have ensured that the restaurant has stood the test of time and that its customers keep coming back for more. They hope to continue to run the restaurant for many years to come as well as maintain La Mimbre's famous status in the city of Granada.

The age of this Spanish restaurant means that it has some interesting features. Outside of La Mimbre is the restaurant's garden which acts as the terrace. This terrace is covered with mature plants and flowers, including a roof over the top of the terrace which is made out of a creeper plant similar to ivy.

Inside the restaurant, La Mimbre is decorated in a traditional Spanish style with white washed walls and a tiled floor. The decorations are also very traditional, composing of antique paintings, copper cooking utensils and decorative plates. Above one of the doorways there is also a collection of Iberian hams. The overall feel of the restaurant is very welcoming and homely, something that the owners feel is very important.

The Menu

Rabo de Toro

The Restaurante La Mimbre in Granada provides traditional Spanish food cooked in a traditional way. They offer a great collection of fish, meat and combined dishes so you are sure to find something for everyone. Some of the traditional dishes on the menu include 'rabo de toro' (oxtail) which is a typical dish from the region of Andalusia and is cooked with dried red peppers, pine nuts and aromatic herbs, and 'choto en ajillo' (Goat kid fried with garlic) which is a recipe from the city of Granada served in a sauce made of crushed garlic and dried red peppers.

This Spanish restaurant also makes many of its own recipes by adapting traditional dishes and adding their own twist. For example, the 'Bacalao en salsa 'La Mimbre'' (Cod in 'La Mimbre' Sauce) is a recipe which is exclusive to the Restaurante La Mimbre as it is cooked in a special way and served with their own tomato-based sauce.

The Restaurante La Mimbre also has a brilliant selection of wines in their cellars including bottles of La Rioja and Riberas del Duero. They are also proud of the Sangría that they make at the restaurant which is made of red wine, lemonade, sugar and slices of fruit such as peach, apple and orange.